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he beating heart of Active Manager is its automated “robot”: a process that runs constantly on the Active database servers to create sales orders, send e-mail and reports, charge credit cards, retrieve weather forecasts and tracking data, and all the other tasks that the system performs. Some of these operations are scheduled to occur at specified times; others happen when you choose a command from the Actions menu. To prevent conflicts, the system assigns every task to its own scheduled job, according to its priority and the available processing resources.

The Job Queue is a list of these tasks that are waiting to be performed. The list is continuously updated, so that it provides a window on what the “robot” is doing from minute to minute. When working with Manager, expert users often keep the Job Queue list open to monitor the “robotʼs” progress and spot errors and warnings quickly.

As it processes each job, Manager writes a record of the action to the Job Log: when it started and finished, and any informational, warning, or error messages. When the job finishes, Manager sends you this record in an e-mail; you can also view it directly in the Job Log list. When a task isnʼt completed properly, the Job Log is the first place to look to determine why.